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Bliss Woodshop Services.

A small wood shop with most of the necessary tools, offering CNC cutting service, cabinetry/built-ins, Furniture and wood working services.


Limited wood-working services.

Not a full service shop, rather a small wood working shop, with plenty of limitations. But if some one is looking for some thing made locally, most likely it can be achieved. The real  objective is to be a one-stop shop for all our client’s design needs. How ever, with limited shop space, lack of employees, and not having a finishing booth, projects has to be selected appropriately. Thus, selecting and discussing each stages of a particular project until its completion, is very critical in decision making. We begin with in-depth research and relay on other local sources, ie. finishing, to find you the perfect pieces, all the while adhering to your budget and your objectives.

CNC Service

CNC cutting service available on both 4′ x 8′ sheet good and lumber. Whether you need to cut some cabinet parts or cave a design on wood, it is possible. Please understand that with each CNC projects, there is the designing part and cutting service. Have worked with projects that required to make the design in house and those who supplied their design. While each CNC jobs is unique and demands different requirements, it is not easy to price CNC jobs with out evaluating all the aspects of it. These include kind of material used, thickness of the material, complexity of the project etc.

Wall Logo cut on wood


Offering limited custom size cabinets and built-ins according to your design specifications. Finishing cabinets may have to be out sourced, depending on type of finishing choices.

Furniture/Wood Working

Each project is unique and requires detailed attention. If your projects requires attention to the fine details, lets have a discussion, if we are able to make it a reality.


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