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Plenty of ways to get in with us. If you have to meet in at the shop, please make an appointment, as I am not at the shop all the time.


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+1 914-670-8700

Calls screened for spam calls, so, either leave a voice message or text message, if  your call wasn’t not answered, so, we can return your call in due time. Thanks.


114 Pearl St, LL 5B

Port Chester, NY 10573

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Shop Location

The building is on the corner of West William Street and Pearl St, the old bell school building. The google business usually takes you to the back of the building for whatever reason. So, advised to enter the shop address manually and make sure to park on the guest parking space. The wood shop is an old classroom on the end of the hallway on the Lower Level, through the garage door you see as you drive into the parking lot. Please make sure to get in touch ahead of time if planning to visit the shop, as I might not be around. Thanks. Be Bliss.

Bliss Woodshop

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