Hi and Welcome to Blisswoodshop.com

My name is Moncy and I like to take a moment to say hello and welcome you blisswoodshop.com.

I was intrigued with wood working at a very young age; watching carpenters build windows and doors for the house, sharpening the tools, sawing the lumber, planing the wood with thin long pieces of shavings, chipping the wood away for joints etc. But this was soon to be forgot with age and other adventures in life. But  few years ago, when I brought a house I wanted to have a nice cutting board. Soon, my cutting board search took me to few articles on how to make a cutting board and to the wonderful youtube videos of individuals showing how to make a cutting board. This rejuvenated my interest in wood working along with the fact that I have a garage to work in, I thought to myself that if I get some tools, I could make all the furniture for the home. I immediately got myself a used Shop-Smith. Then I needed some lumber to work on and got some lumber too. Little did I know, I adventured in to the world of wood working with out actually making anything, but got satisfaction watching YouTube videos and reading up on wood working for a long time. Then decided to start a wood working business and later renting a place for the shop and buy a CNC machine for the shop. I am still in the early stages of building the website as well as the business and hoping it to be an organic growth.

So, "Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu!" which mean “Let all the worlds be happy". 


Be Bliss,